Common Questions

I have chronic health issues/discomforts… how long until I feel better?

Before answering this question specifically, it is important to consider that the goal of homeopathic treatment is healing.  As an example, if you have a headache and you take an aspirin, you will likely have a reasonable expectation that the headache will feel better within, say, an hour.  The goal of constitutional homeopathic treatment is reducing or eliminating the headaches from your life, therefore removing the need for the aspirin.

Circling back to the question, you should begin to feel improvement within a few weeks, and see significant lasting improvement within a few months.  However, these are just estimates and everyone is different.  Progress could be slower depending on many factors, including your underlying health, the severity and longevity of the imbalance, your health hygiene (sleep, diet, exercise, stress level), the accuracy of the remedies and potencies, current and prior medical treatments, etc.  Many people need homeopathic treatment conducted over a period of years.  Again though, consider that the goal of homeopathy is healing, not suppressing your symptoms.  Also consider whether your current treatment (or lack thereof) is enabling you to achieve what you want in your life.

I have an acute health condition… how long until I feel better?

It depends on your underlying health, the type of condition, and other factors.  But in general, classical homeopathy conducted by a professional has the potential to significantly shorten the duration and alleviate the intensity of many types of acutes.

Is homeopathy effective?

Yes, although it needs to be practiced effectively just like any form of medicine. Homeopathy is used regularly by millions of people throughout the world, and its use is prevalent and growing steadily in Europe, India, Israel, Russia, South America, and other places.  In many of these locations, it is part of the national health care system.  (In Europe, for example, a homeopathic practitioner is required to be a physician; in the United States, physicians one the whole have no understanding of it.)

While the mechanisms of action are not currently well understood, the efficacy of quality homeopathic practice has been proven clinically for over 200 years.  Click here (and scroll to the bottom of the page) for some resources to help get you started in understanding the science of homeopathy.

Is homeopathy safe?

Yes, but you really should know what you are doing.  Conducting improper care, whether it is with homeopathy, pharmaceutical medications, herbs, chiropractic… anything… can be unsafe.  That said, it is a vital part of the process that we regularly check in and do follow up appointments.

You recommended Arsenicum to me.  Am I really taking arsenic?

Absolutely not.  Rather, you are taking the energy of arsenic, in order to trigger a healing reaction within your body’s own energy system, or chi.  Your remedy is carefully prepared as regulated by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, such that there is no poisonous substance of any kind in the remedy.  Just as each person or pet that you know has their own individual personality, so does every type of plant, mineral, compound, animal, etc.  This is one of the lesser understood miracles of homeopathy, that a simple process can unlock the medicine without any material toxicity.

This applies to all homeopathic medicines, including Carcinosin, Natrum Muriaticum, Belladonna, Tuberculinum… every single remedy.

How does classical homeopathy work?

Please see my page on The Four Pillars of Classical Homeopathy

What is the cost?

The primary cost involved consists of appointments.  These generally range from 30 minutes to 2 hours long for the client, with potentially significant hours of work for the practitioner in research and analysis, mostly regarding suitable remedy choices.  You can find a breakdown of my charges on the Services page.  I do my best to keep fees as low as possible, as I am a firm believer that the opportunity for healing is a birthright, not just something to have if you can afford it.

The other, lesser cost is remedies.  You will be recommended one single remedy at a time.  These generally cost under $20.

How does the process work?

After sending me your completed health history form, we will have an intake appointment.  It lasts usually about 1.5 hours, and is the longest of our appointments.  I get to know you and your health complaints in significant depth.  I will also help to explain more about homeopathy, and hear your concerns and goals.

After our first meeting, I work on my own to translate your symptoms into what is known as a homeopathic “state”.  In other words, I match your set of symptoms to one of our thousands of homeopathic remedies.  This often takes hours of analysis, synthesis, and research, as finding a proper remedy from the start is very advantageous.  (As a side note, this added time for the practitioner is often why homeopathy is sometimes considered expensive; however, the goal is to pay for itself many times over with future reductions in doctor bills and medication.)

When I’ve found your remedy and potency, I will email you everything you need to know.  Your job at that point is to ask me any additional questions you may have, and check in with me on a regular basis to be sure that we are continuing on the right path.

What is the best way to get started?

I recommend reaching out to me at 201-463-5672 or for a free, no-obligation 15-minute consultation.  We can determine together if homeopathic treatment is right for your individual concerns.

Whether or not we work together, I wish you and your family the best of health.

Location Asbury Park NJ / Globally via Web Meetings Phone 201.463.5672 E-mail Hours Randy Fruchter, CCH / Hilltop Health & Homeopathy LLC is a nationally Certified Classical Homeopath and does not diagnose or treat any disease.
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