Statement of Principles and Core Values

As a certified practitioner, I strive to…

Dimensions of Health

Facilitate improvement of your health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The Laws of Nature

Promote healing in concert with the laws of nature.  This includes both the laws of natural healing as well as that of managing a sustainable, ecologically sound footprint. 

The Whole Person

Treat the whole person, understanding that most illnesses and imbalances (excepting of physical injury) are holistic or systemic in nature rather than local or isolated. 

Real Health and Healing

Actually heal rather than merely suppress symptoms or push them deeper.   This means an end goal of resolution of symptoms and the feeling of vitality.

Minimum Effective Dose

Give the body only what it needs to heal, the minimum dose of the healing element, with no material toxicity.   Because homeopathy works without toxicity, harmful side effects can be eliminated.

The Body Can Heal

Leverage the body’s ability to heal itself, and encourage the proper internal and external conditions which allow it to do so.

Client Empowerment

Work together with you in an open dialogue to foster goals of healing.  This means that you are encouraged to take an active role in your health and healing journey

Location Asbury Park NJ / Globally via Web Meetings Phone 201.463.5672 E-mail Hours Randy Fruchter, CCH / Hilltop Health & Homeopathy LLC is a nationally Certified Classical Homeopath and does not diagnose or treat any disease.
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