What Clients Are Saying

The following are just some examples of feedback I’ve received in followup appointments with real clients. These comments reflect a wide range of symptoms and imbalances that can be addressed with homeopathy; if you have any questions about whether your own concerns can be met with homeopathy, please feel free to reach out.

“My anxiety is gone.”

“I feel like I’m more stable”

“[My daughter] doesn’t seem clingy anymore”

“With my aunt passing, I was a wreck. I took the Ignatia, that really helped… helped me calm down”

“The rash disappeared very quickly on the remedy. He’s had no new rashes”

“Anxiety attacks, shortness of breath…. NONE!!!!!”

“I’m doing well.  My sleep has improved. I haven’t needed to take a benzodiazepine at night for 2-3 weeks.”

“He’s doing well in school. His teachers said ‘Wow!’ He has better concentration, no fear… he’s doing great.”

“When [she] gets upset, she holds her breath so long she sometimes passes out. It runs in the family. She turns blue in her lips.” Two and a half months later: “She does not hold her breath anymore, she does not pass out.”

“Breast lump has gotten much smaller…within a week or two of starting the remedy.”

“He is healthier than he was two months ago”

“[My husband] says he’s seen improvements [in my daughter] in the last 3 weeks. That’s when I started giving him the remedy. He didn’t know I had started giving it to her.”

“I [had] a horrible taste in mouth, like having morning breath all the time. Now the taste in my mouth is gone”

“The twitches are pretty much gone… no real issues anymore”

“He’s not complaining about his stomach issues anymore”

“Been feeling really good. I have good energy”

“I’m feeling better than a month ago… for sure. I’m starting to push the intensity [of my workouts] more and I’m definitely NOT feeling like I was when we first started talking.”

“The hemorrhoids went away”

“I’m feeling better. It’s just better. I don’t know how else to explain it”

“I’m sleeping better”

“I stopped doing acupuncture and seeing [my] chiropractor”

“I noticed after some time feeling pretty good. I noticed [my husband] and I weren’t fighting as much. My mood is better, steady, generally more content. Things like my job aren’t bring me down. I’m thinking more clearly without negativity; nothing’s really bringing me down. I’m easier on him, and also myself.”

“Her cough is gone, the wheeze is gone.”

“The skin issue on my belly disappeared”

“I’m sleeping better now. The melatonin I was taking wasn’t working. I don’t feel as heavy in the morning. Overall I feel lighter.”

“I don’t feel hungry as much as I experienced before and thank goodness!”

“It was weird… a total burst of energy!”

“Literally nothing hurts, like I had taken 8 years off my body. A really good feeling.”

“Overall I’m feeling pretty calm… overall really calm. My energy level is higher.”

“I am much more present…. I’ve been looking forward to the day more…. I’ve had more energy too.”

“I’ve been sleeping way better this week! All the way through the night!”

“I feel more hopeful, calm and happy”

“I do feel better!  I’m excited about many changes in my life”

“I was having vertigo almost on a daily basis, sometimes slight and other times more intense. I have not had a vertigo spell at all since taking [my remedy]!  Everything else seems normal and I feel well :)”

“I feel great…! I’ve been up and riding the bike in the morning and going for walks at night.”

“I have had a lot more energy and positive outlook on things. The sadness and anxiety are way down compared to how they were before. I’ve been… exercising a lot. And I have been getting projects started that I have been dreading for a long long time.”

“You don’t understand the praise you receive multiple times a week in our house.”

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