Services & Pricing

As a Classical Homeopath, my treatment for each client is completely unique and individualized.  There are no standard protocols; no two clients will receive the same treatment.  At our first appointment, we will discuss your health concerns in depth such that we can understand what needs to be healed and how to approach it.

After your appointment, I spend a significant period of time in analysis of your case, culminating in a homeopathic remedy recommendation & protocol based on your unique and individual symptom picture.

Beyond our intake and initial remedy recommendation, we will continually monitor your health progress with periodic follow-up appointments.  These are of shorter duration, but are no less important.  The picture of healing can take on many forms; the way your body reacts to a powerful homeopathic remedy must be monitored and assessed by a professional.  In each followup appointment, we determine the action of the remedy, and then make decisions on whether to change your remedy, your potency, and/or your dose.  In this manner, we access what is before us at every step, and adjust accordingly… once again, and always, to your own individual needs.

Of course, we will also be in regular contact between appointments.  You are always encouraged to reach out with all questions and updates.  We are always keeping a close eye on how you are reacting with your remedy so we know when it is time to adjust your dose or change to the next remedy.

All appointments include:  meeting time, homeopathic remedy research and analysis after our discussions, remedy recommendation, and email communication between appointments

Special Offer: 3 Appointment Package — Intake + 2 followups – $425 ($50 off)

Intake Appointment – $285 – Approximately 90 minutes – 2 hours in total

We meet to take a full accounting of your symptomatology, and find a remedy to address the imbalance.  Depending on your situation, this will either take the form of the long classic homeopathic intake appointment or, more commonly, two separate, shorter appointments, usually about 10 days apart.  The split intake is a more contemporary approach, which I incorporate in manner as to ascertain specific and highly accurate polar and modal symptoms.

Focused Intake Appointment  – $195 – 45-60 minutes

For new clients, examines and treats one single complaint.  Mainly for truly acute health issues, this is a good way to begin homeopathic treatment when there are truly no chronic concerns.  

I do not provide emergency medicine.  If you are experiencing a health emergency, call your doctor or go directly to a hospital or urgent care facility

Follow up Appointments & Acute Issues – $95 – 30-45 minutes

Followup appointments are necessary for continued healing. Review your progress, and make any further necessary adjustments and recommendations in your action plan.

Acute Issues – $95 – 30-45 minutes

We will run through a full review of your symptoms and recommend a remedy.

Mini-Followup – $60 – 20 minutes

For minor issues that require attention beyond regular contact, but a full followup appointment isn’t necessary.

Location Asbury Park NJ / Globally via Web Meetings Phone 201.463.5672 E-mail Hours Randy Fruchter, CCH / Hilltop Health & Homeopathy LLC is a nationally Certified Classical Homeopath and does not diagnose or treat any disease.
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