About Homeopathy

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide depend on homeopathy for their medical care. Homeopathy is incorporated into the medical systems of numerous countries to great success. It is also one of the fastest growing forms of medicine in the world, and has a growing scientific knowledgebase of efficacy.  Despite what a few misinformed or otherwise-motivated individuals may say, people who turn to homeopathy often find that they love what it does for their health and well-being, sometimes even finding relief where it was thought impossible.

Homeopathy is a complete and effective system of health with the ability to heal the entire person — physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Treatment aims to fix the imbalances in our systems and tissues.  Properly chosen remedies, given one at a time, can help us to bring about true healing from the inside. Homeopathy effectively and safely assists your body in regaining balance, potentially relieving the signs of many health and behavioral issues.

At our first appointment, we will sit and talk for an hour or more, discussing your health so I can understand what needs to be healed.  Based on your unique symptoms and personality, we will find a specific remedy that matches your individual picture.  In other words, homeopathy is totally individualized. For example, there are literally hundreds of remedies that are known to help with headaches. It’s not the headache, it’s how you have the headache… as well as everything else that is going on in your body and mind.

There are literally thousands of remedies out there.  Your homeopath will find the one that is suited to you individually. Most remedies are made from natural substances, such as plants, minerals, and organic compounds.  Healing might occur quickly, or it might take a long time. In fact, many people need several remedies over time to become very healthy. However, it is best to remember that you are not just covering up your symptoms with pills, but rather healing from the inside out. Sometimes true healing takes time.

For much more information, please check out my blog post What is Homeopathy anyway?

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