Client Responsibility

While we are working together to improve you health, in the end your health is your own responsibility.  The best ways to maintain and improve your health include eating a nutritious diet, getting proper rest and exercise, doing positive activities you love, and keeping loving relationships.

When it comes to homeopathy, the same philosophy applies… your health is your responsibility.  

Regarding Regular Contact

Please stay in regular contact as your remedy acts.  It is important to maintain regular contact with me, as your system will change with the remedy.  If something doesn’t feel right — new symptoms, worsening symptoms, etc — please stop your remedy and contact me.  

The best way to reach me is via email, I check it regularly.  I will generally reply within 24-48 hours, usually sooner except for weekends.  Phone calls are reserved only for more urgent matters.  However, as I do not provide emergency medicine, nor am I available at all times, you must have a doctor, hospital, or other urgent care provider.

If for any reason you no longer maintain regular contact with me (such as every week or two), stop taking the remedy.

About your Remedy

I recommend that you do not look up your remedy on the internet. Many a client have gotten the wrong idea from the web. What you see online is usually an oversimplified, archetypical representation of a remedy’s action that may or may not sound like your symptoms. Worse, some remedy descriptions portray a picture of a seemingly negative or undesirable personality, which likely has nothing to do with you as a person or your symptoms.  (Even if the remedy description does match one’s state, one must recognize that this is just a “state”, and one’s body is attempting to compensate for internal ill health by expressing symptoms. This could take the form of undesirable personality characteristics such as anger, haughtiness, greed, shyness, etc.)

Additionally, it’s important that you are able to tell me as objectively as possible about how you are feeling while taking the remedy; reading about remedy action on the web might interfere with this process.

Homeopathy is a complex practice.  Neither the actions of remedies nor the philosophy of classical homeopathy can be summarized on a web page without the potential for significant confusion or misunderstanding. If you have any questions about your remedy recommendation, i would greatly prefer if we were to discuss it directly.

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