Mental and Emotional Symptoms

“I believe in the goodness of the human heart within the tragic nature of the human condition.”

– James Howard Kustler


Many people think of disease or illness as physical symptoms and discomfort in the body.  Let us not forget that the body and mind are inextricably linked in one complex system.

Mental and emotional (M/E) symptomatology is just as real and indicative of disease as physical symptoms.   We might describe someone as irritable, stubborn, overly shy, mean, or even violent.  These are not accurate depictions of the true soul of this individual, of this individual on their deepest level; rather, this is what happens to a person when they are not well.  Perhaps it is due to trauma, chronic or acute disease, or inherited disposition.  As Kunstler’s credo goes, people are inherently good deep down but something else made it so that they are not fully within themselves mentally or emotionally.  Very very often, this is something that can be profoundly improved with homeopathic treatment.

M/E symptoms are just as numerous, varied, and individualistic as physical ones.  We can speak of someone being depressed, or anxious, or suicidal, or angry.  Yet each person is different within these contexts.  If we look at a group of people who characterize themselves as having anxiety, they will likely all be different in their anxieties.  What is one individual anxious about?  Why did this anxiety begin?  What other symptoms, perhaps physical ones, occur during anxiety?  What makes it better or worse?  Is there a time of day, week, month, year, in which the symptoms are better or worse?  What does this person do to cope with their discomfort?

When you work with a Certified Classical Homeopath, there are literally thousands of remedies at our disposal.  Here are just a few of the many that can be used in addressing M/E symptoms.  Additionally, as you will see, these remedies are also known for addressing physical complaints and disease.  So this brings me back to my original point, that the body and mind are essentially one entity, and all complaints — physical, mental, and emotional — are part of an individual’s “state”, which is what the homeopath matches with one single remedy.

Stramonium is, unfortunately, a classic remedy for mental and emotional distress.  You don’t want to be around someone who needs Stramonium; they are full of mania, rage, and violence.  On the other hand, they may instead represent with terrible fears, of animals, of the dark, of death, or even of water. Often, they display violent jealousy, swearing, cruelty, and/or just will not stop talking.  Physically, you may see convulsions, strabismus, and many other physical disorders that display along side these mental emotional symptoms.

Aurum:  this is literally the energetic imprint of gold.  This is a deep-acting remedy for those who display certain symptoms in the pit of despair.  When someone needs Aurum, they often display depression triggered by grief or disappointment in love or business.  They may display substance abuse and addiction issues, and/or suicidal tendencies.  Additionally, Aurum is known for its action in cardiac (rheumatic heart disease, palpitations) and urogenital (fibroids, testicular issues) concerns.

Nux Vomica: these folks are all over these days.  It is often indicated in those “type A personalities” who is driven and competitive.  They “work hard and play hard,” although their motivation is often stress and anger.  He must work hard and achieve.  You may often find this person abuse substances or end up in a state of collapse.  Physically, these folks often have digestive problems, that show up as ulcers, nausea and vomiting, cramping, and constipation.

Sulphur:  this is a hard remedy to discuss because it has the ability, if the state matches, to address so many health concerns.  It is interesting to speak of in a mental/emotional setting, because the remedy has within its state so many common, non-pathological characteristics.  For example, an individual in a Sulphur state might be egotistical, stubborn, lazy, and, interestingly, opposed to bathing.  They often have anxiety about their health and their family.  Sulphurs, along with the remedy Aloe, are known for a peculiar tendency to jump out of bed at 5 in the morning because they have diarrhea.

Lycopodium:  this one is not often discussed in the realm of mental and emotional disease.  Yet, it is one of the deepest remedies in our arsenal and has the ability to deeply affect the mind an emotions, as well as the physical body.  Those who need Lycopodium present with problems of self-esteem and struggles with inferiority.  They then feel that they have to “suck up” to those in a higher position, while acting domineering towards those they may be in charge of.  They often act egoistical to cover up their perceived shortcomings.  They also find commitment and self-control impossible.  Physically, Lycopodium might be indicated in many forms of gastrointestinal and urogenital distress, as well as myriad other conditions.

If you or someone you care about is dealing with a mental or emotional imbalance, it is wise to address the root cause.  When someone has symptoms, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is something pronounced, such as depression or crippling anxiety.  Nor does it mean that the less obvious symptoms, such as irritability, laziness, inferiority, etc, are any less intrusive to someone’s way of life.  And it most certainly does not mean there’s nothing you can do about it!

Physical, mental, and emotional symptoms are all wrapped up in the same human package.  We can address the entire package with a single, powerful homeopathic remedy.

Source:  I referenced the indispensable Desktop Guide to Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms by Roger Morrison, M.D. for portions of the remedy descriptions above.

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