Homeopathy in Action — Ruta Graveolens

Just recently, I strained the pollicis longus tendon (which helps the thumb to grasp) in my right arm.  Out of nowhere, I began to feel shooting and somewhat debilitating pains at the base of my thumb and up my forearm when I went to grasp something.  Over the period of 24 hours, the pain just became worse and more alarming.  At its worst, my pain level was about a 7 out of 10.  I was having trouble changing diapers and holding my coffee mug… and nothing gets between me and my coffee.

I was very concerned that this would become a chronic issue for me, potentially leading to a condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome or de Quervain’s tenosynovitis.  These conditions are known for chronic pain, dysfunction, and the possible need for surgery.  Needless to say, this is not an outcome that interested me.

Homeopathy to the rescue.  All it took was 3 doses of Ruta Graveolens 30c.  Ruta is often recommended in complaints that occur from strain or overexertion of tendons, particularly of flexors and particularly in the wrist.  I took two doses within 15 minutes of each other — amazingly, almost all of the pain seemed to dissolve and vanish.  I realized, after an hour or two, that I hadn’t thought about my thumb or wrist in the previous hour.  I found myself gripping items all over my kitchen trying to trigger the pain to come back.  Hours later, I felt another twinge of pain during a routine activity so I took another dose.

As of 3 days later, all pain is gone.  [2/18/19 UPDATE:  7 weeks later, pain is gone, no sign of this injury.]  Even though I have been working with homeopathy for years, I continue to be genuinely shocked sometimes at the speed, gentleness, and effectiveness of this miracle therapy.

Homeopathy triggers the body’s energy to focus on exactly what needs to be healed.  In this case, I used homeopathy to end my significant pain in a matter of minutes, and even possibly have prevented a long term injury.  For many acute issues, this kind of thing can be done by anyone, at home, with the right remedy.  Chronic issues too can be greatly aided or even perhaps erased with the help of a professional, nationally-certified homeopath.


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