Taking Dry Pellet Doses

Below are general directions for taking dry pellet doses for constitutional care only.  Occasionally I give more customized directions which should be followed instead.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Please order 1/2 –dram or 2-dram vial of your recommended remedy and potency. A good source is Hahnemann Labs, which makes very high quality remedies. You may place an order through their website or by phone. Please make absolutely sure that you are ordering the correct remedy and potency.

Read the directions below very carefully and completely. I know this is a lot to take in at first, but it will all become second nature when you get the hang of it:

Unless I recommend otherwise, you will be taking a maximum of only three total doses of this remedy for the time being. Homeopathic remedies in this form act energetically over a long period of time with only minute doses.

Take the doses on consecutive days, either first thing in the morning or prior to bed.

Important:  if you observe any noticeable or significant change (physically, mentally, emotionally), better or worse, after only 1 or 2 doses, do not take any more doses.  This is a good sign that the remedy has begun to work; taking another dose can interrupt or stop the process.  After 3 doses, stop taking the remedy regardless of whether you feel any changes or not, as it often takes a while to notice any action.

Take the remedy by pouring the recommended number of pellets (see below) into the cap of the vial (don’t touch the pellets) and then tip the pellets under your tongue and let them dissolve.

If you have ordered from Hahnemann, one dose is as follows:

– If your potency is 6c – 99c, you will take 2 pellets

– If your potency is 100c or higher, you will take 3-5 pellets

These dose sizes apply only to Hahnemann Labs. If you obtain your remedy from elsewhere, please contact me to discuss dose when you receive your remedy.

Again, after the 3rd dose or if you notice any changes prior to that, STOP TAKING THE REMEDY! I like to use the metaphor of hitting a golf ball. You take one swing at first, and then let the ball (aka the remedy) do the rest of the work.

Store your remedy bottle away in a dark, temperate, dry place, with no strong smells.  This means perhaps in a drawer in your bedroom.  This means not in a bathroom, a laundry room, or anywhere else with light, humidity, heat, or strong smells.

Avoid food, drink, toothpaste, gum, etc. for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour before and after the dose.

Try and avoid the following as your remedy acts:

  • Camphor – including deep-heat rubs, Ben Gay, Tiger Balm, Carmex, and products such as these
  • Any product, food, chemical, or smell to which you are particularly sensitive
  • Close contact with electric blankets or heating pads
  • Dental work: if you are having dental work done, please let me know
  • Hard partying – alcohol and/or drug binges
  • Skin medicines/topical steroids – believe it or not, skin symptoms can be a sign of improving health and must not be suppressed

Please email me 7-10 days after taking the remedy and update me on how you feel. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or require any additional information.

If you are taking repeated/regular dry doses:  Please keep in touch while taking repeated or regular doses. Email me once a week with progress updates. If you are feeling good, feel free to skip several days or weeks between doses. Don’t worry, you are still healing. Most importantly, if you feel worse at any time, or you experience any new symptoms, stop taking the remedy and contact me.  If for any reason you no longer maintain regular contact with me (such as every week or two), stop taking the remedy.

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