Using Homeopathy to Improve Digestion… in Fish

I’ve heard over and over again that homeopathy is “impossible”, that it’s “unscientific.”  Some folks will say that the effects are “placebo”… the idea that if you give someone a remedy they will think they are getting better solely because I gave them something for it.

What if, though, science was able to definitively prove that homeopathic remedies actually DO have the potential to create physical changes in an organism exclusive of this placebo problem?  In turn, can digestion be improved by taking a well-chosen remedy?

One way around this placebo problem is focus on a study subject that does not have the capacity to understand they’ve been given any form of treatment.  For example, one could conduct a study on babies, or plants… or, in this case, fish.

In a recent study, researchers wondered whether certain homeopathic combinations could be used to improve the digestion of fish in hatcheries.  The study compared groups of longfin yellowtail juveniles… one reference control group (RCG) received no homeopathic remedy, and two study groups (T1 and T2) received one of two compound remedies.  T1 received a homeopathic compound derived from two gram-negative bacterium found in salt water, both of which are known pathogens for humans.  (Note: the fact that the pathogens were rendered as homeopathic preparations means that they are no longer toxic, but may have therapeutic properties.)  The T2 group received a combination of the homeopathic remedies phosphoric acid and silica, two commonly prescribed remedies of the homeopathic materia medica.

In summary, both T1 and T2 groups showed altered digestive enzyme activity.  Both T1 and T2 showed increased levels of at least one enzyme, and decreased activity of at least one other.  The enzymes that were affected varied based on which homeopathic compound was given.  “Treatment T2 significantly increased the activity of trypsin and lipase and decreased the activity of amylase, whereas treatment T1 increased the activity of chymotrypsin and reduced the activity of aminopeptidase-N in [studied] fish.”  The authors of the study concluded that homeopathy can be used to “enhance digestion and assimilation”.

Notably, as discussed before, fish have no understanding of taking “medicine”, and therefore cannot be accused of having a “placebo effect.”

The implications of this study are numerous and important:

1.  This is yet another incontrovertible piece of evidence that homeopathic remedies can and do affect physiological systems in organisms

2.  This is also yet another incontrovertible piece of evidence that homeopathic remedies can have significant health-improving effects beyond placebo.

3.  Homeopathy can potentially be used in place of harmful chemicals and drugs to improve the health and abundance of the food chain, and perhaps all life on Earth.  

4.  Homeopathic remedies can potentially improve digestive function in animals and humans

As mentioned, certain enzyme activity improved or dropped depending on which remedy was given.  It should be noted that here in this study, only two remedy combinations were available.  When I work with clients with digestive complaints, I have more than just two remedy choices available to me.  Rather, we have access to thousands of remedy choices, each of which are individualized to the client’s symptom picture.  No matter what the digestive disturbance, there is likely to be a homeopathic remedy that can help to improve or eliminate the imbalance.

If you’d like to see what homeopathy can do for your digestive issues (or any other health issues, physical, mental, or emotional), please reach out to me at or 201-463-5672 for a free, no-obligation 15-minute consultation to see if my services are right for you.

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