Update on the Wuhan Coronavirus


As of today, February 6, 2020, the Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is continuing to spread around the globe.  While it appears to be very isolated in North America currently, the situation remains very fluid.  In brief, there is absolutely no need to panic or stress at this time.  But, it is a good idea to be educated and get prepared, as it is also far from contained.

Why is this a concern:

The virus is extremely contagious.  People who have been exposed can act as carriers and transmit the virus to others, even prior to showing symptoms themselves.  As of now, the virus seems to have a mortality rate of approximately 2%.  This is based on data out of China.  We do not know what this will look like in the US and Canada, as we have differing nutrition, lifestyles, environmental quality, smoking rates, access to medical care, etc. 

Please be aware:

There is a lot of social media discussion regarding the origin of the virus as well as conjecture as to whether this is a hoax or fear-mongering.  My advice is to remain alert but confident, and be prepared.  There is likely a lot we do not know.

What you can do:

First and foremost, try not to get too worried about this.  At this point there is no indication of global pandemic.  Secondly, it just adds to the stress that weakens our immune system.  We have enough of this already these days.

What we can do is be prepared.  We do know that underlying health issues can bring on complications, and it is usually the youngest and the eldest among us that are most at risk.  Therefore, we can use some common sense and Homeopathy to keep our families safe and healthy during these interesting times.

Immune system boosters:

  • – getting enough sleep
  • – eating whole foods (while avoiding refined sugar and refined foods)
  • – adequate exercise (even 10 minutes a day will help)
  • – reducing stress and/or calming the sympathetic nervous system (relaxation techniques, meditation)
  • – avoid large crowds and enclosed spaces
  • – wash your hands frequently, and don’t touch your face
  • – Vitamin C
  • – optimizing Vitamin A, D, and K levels (via supplementation and/or fermented cod liver oil)
  • – elderberry syrup, raw garlic, fire cider, various herbs for immune support

How Homeopathy Can Help:

There are two general ways in which homeopathy can help:

1.  Prophylaxis

Homeopathy has an extensive history of successful prophylaxis in prior epidemics.  https://www.homeopathycenter.org/treatment-epidemics-homeopathy-history

Without getting too far into homeopathic philosophy, researchers are currently working to isolate the “genus epidemicus”, which can be loosely defined as the remedy or remedies which most closely match the “core” of the illness.  In prior epidemics, this isolated remedy is given periodically to susceptible individuals in order to help prevent complications.

Though it may change as we learn more, our current understanding of the virus has isolated the following remedy as the potential genus epidemicus:

Gelsemium sempervirens

This remedy is very common and easy to obtain anywhere homeopathy is sold.  For anyone looking to pursue homeopathic prophylaxis, the instructions are as follows.  (Note: this is NOT a recommendation, as I do not know your individual situation):


– Where there is no outbreak, Gelsemium 30c once a week

– Where there are active cases nearby, Gelsemium 30c once a day for 7 days, then twice a week until there is no outbreak nearby

If you are a client of mine and would like advice on how to implement this prophylaxis while under constitutional/chronic treatment, please contact me.  Every case is individualized, and so is every treatment.

The goal of homeoprophylaxis in situations like this is to prime the immune system for attack.  Much like a fire drill teaches the occupants of a building how to act in an emergency, this is basically a fire drill for an infectious disease in order to try to prevent the worst outcomes.

Note: I am also seeing here that Arsenicum Album 30c might be used prophylactically

Note:  another possible prophylactic remedy, provided by the renowned Dr. Farokh Master, is Justicia adhotoda 3x.  However, I have never seen this remedy in a neighborhood store.

2.  Managing Symptoms

Homeopathy is not a replacement for emergency medicine.  If you continue to feel worse, or are concerned about your health situation at any time, call your doctor or hospital.

If you do come down with something resembling coronovirus, you can greatly aid your situation using homeopathy.  Homeopathy is used to trigger the immune system, rather than suppress pathology, such that the body creates a more focused effort in its fight against the disease.  Homeopathy has been used clinically with much success in epidemics for over 200 years.

While any of our thousands of remedies might be indicated in any one person at any time, there are some remedies that are showing themselves to be very useful in the current outbreak.

  • Gelsemium – when the main complaint is fatigue and heavy eyelids
  • Bryonia – when a cough is involved, with pain in chest or head
  • Eupatorium perf – when the symptoms include intense bone pain, feeling as if the bones are broken
  • I am also hearing that Mercurius and Arsenicum are useful in some cases.  

A Few Final Points:

As we are all used to by now, some media outlets are again trolling those who are interested in natural, non-toxic approaches to healthcare.  Here is one example.

It is obvious that the author and editors of this article have truly zero understanding of homeopathy.  We can see this based on their reliance on (the lack of) prior studies of specifically Arsenicum for the use solely in coronavirus.  Anyone who has experience with homeopathy knows that homeopathy addresses all non-surgical pathology based expressly on the individual’s symptom picture.  We know from study after study, and our clinical results over 200 years, that homeopathy works this way.  In other words, we can tell which remedy to use based on the symptom picture.  Scientific study of remedies and medicines are vital; here, though, the media wrongfully dismisses the whole idea based on principle. This is not how science is meant to work.  

Anyone who truly doesn’t feel well should contact their doctor or hospital

Finally, if you or someone you know comes down with the new coronavirus, please help others by contacting the National Health Freedom Coalition.  The homeopathic community is working to study cases of coronavirus in an effort to discern homeopathic genus epidemicus remedies that may fit the case. If you or someone you know knows a person who has been in touch with anyone who has experienced this disease or helped people who are ill with this disease, please contact as soon as possible:

Dr. Jacob Mirman  jmirman@demystify.com or Sally Tamplin sally.tamplin@gmail.com.  Also please refer to the web site http://www.flusolution.net

Thank you to the following sources for this information:

Professor Aaron To, President of the Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy and the Macau Association of Homeopathy

Epidemic Updates from Paul Herscu ND, MPH

Dr. Farokh Master

Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa Rigpa and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) of India

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